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Antique Quilts Under $200


Shipping $15 per Quilt

Click on any photo to enlarge

Antique Quilt 4635 - Embroidered Flowers
Gold and purple Embroidered Flowers - dated 1936
Penciled signatures in each block - excellent condition
Gold back - 68" x 88"
Antique Quilts 4654
LEFT: "Maple Leaf" - cheery - excellent condition
64" x 76"     $97 +shipping
Antique Quilt 5323 Log Cabin
Antique Quilt 5323 - "Log Cabin"
Yellow and blue 1930s "Log Cabin Light and Dark" or "Court House Steps".  Bold, dramatic art.   Outline quilting at 6-8 stitches per inch. Tiny binding wear unnoticeable. Very Good condition - 69" x 81" $295
Antique Quilt 5329 - "Road to Oklahoma"
Blue "Trail of the Covered Wagon", Road to OK, CA or to White House. Nice straight line and outline quilting at 6-8 stitches per inch. Tiny fading and pin hole in middle. Very Good condition - 66" x 72"     $99ND
Antique Quilt 5494 - 1800s Crazy Quilt
Wool challis, flannel and silk with new black back since it was found unfinished. Fancy embroidery, especially in center. Several silk small squares missing and several wools weak. 67" x  88"  $99
Antique Quilt 5542 - "Early 1900's Crazy Quilt"
With wools, silks, satins and rose cloth of gold (cotton sateen) back and binding from Norman, OK estate of woman moving to Alaska. One silk shattered. 70" x 84" as is   $99ND, or repaired     $199ND

5820 1990 Hour Glass or Square in Square Quilt signed and dated J S. JoAne Ruptrout with note on quilt that JoAnne found the blocks at a moving day sale in Sapulpa by a lady who just remarried when 69 and was moving to Henryetta. JoAnne quilted it herself but received help at the quilting class she took at Sapulpa Hi School. JoAnns Grandmother came in the land run to Kiel IT later named Loyal in WWI showing this German town was loyal to US. Outline quilting @ 5 st/in. Cute pink sailboats, poly batting. .Great optical illusion. Rose Back Bargain I'm passing along Excellent condition 68x80 $149



5829 - Depression Periwinkle, Snowball, Crazy Star or Baseball Quilt from longtime antique dealer Greg Earls’ collection, Oklahoma City, OK. Yummy spring colors in peach and green with pale green back with 3 1/2” darker green border. Nice scallops. Star and outline quilting@ 6 st/in. Washed since photo and looks great. Very Good Condition 70x78 $149



5837 - Depression Grandmother’s Flower Garden for youth bed or great wall hanging. Outline Quilting @ 4 st/in. Lumpy batting in corners, otherwise Excellent Condition 40x75 $97ND



5840 -1934 Sybil Class Autograph or Friendship Quilts. Hot collectible! Names include: Mrs. A E Ford, June Brookshire, Bonnie Lou Brown, Mrs. MS Crass, Juanita Shohan, Marie Ford, Maxine Farmer, Ms C M Davis, Mrs. Hagar, Verna Younts, Mrs. May Hill, Hazel Kifer, Doris Ford, Mae Hewett, Mrs. James Ford, Miss Lela, Maude Hewett, Mabel Morgan, Faye S. Kirkes Sunshine from Mrs. Gentry Faulkner’s northwest Oklahoma City estate. He worked at FAA and she worked at Standard Life Insurance. Outline quilting @ 5 st/in. Washed since photo and looks great. Otherwise excellent condition. 74x82 $149ND


5936_multiple_crazy_quilts_small.jpg Antique Quilt 5936
Upper right: Heavy tied Crazy with grey striped flannel back. Silks fragile 71x80 $199 reduced to $119 (SOLD)
 Upper left:  Silk Bars with fragile silks and grey floral flannel back (back is worth $100) 74x72 $200 reduced to $49
Bottom right: Velvets and wools Crazy with two “Napoleon” strips. Tiny moth damage, moss green flannel back. 37x76” $150 reduced to $79
Bottom left: Wool crazy tied from Enid. Striped flannetl back . 74x86 $199 reduced to $69
6020_grandmother's_flower_garden_small.jpg Antique Quilt 6020
Grandmother’s Flower Garden top signed on back, “Made by 10 year old Violet Canton.” Violet is to be congratulated for her sewing skills and patience to have pieced and embroidered this very difficult pattern tackled only by the very experienced quilters. Sewed onto 1930’s peach backed butterfly quilt, hand quilted in 1 1/2” cross hatch pattern @9 st/in. Fancy outline embroidery with French knots for flower centers. Striking in solids with scalloped borders. 62x84. 4 hexagon patches need repairing and 1 stain. $97ND
6027_pyrotechnics_small.jpg Antique Quilt 6027
Newly quilted 1930s blocks Pyrotechnics pattern in lavendar and green by Meredith Margaret Golden Wilcox who graduated from Harding & Classen Hi School in Oklahoma City, Ward-Belmont Finishing School in Nashville, OU Theatre & Drama, Chi Omega, President of Little Theatre & on Board at OKC Playhouse, acted in Plymouth Summer Stock in Boston. Meredith loved antiques, painting, interior decorating. She was a speech therapist, docent at National Cowboy Hall of fame, taught charm school and was on the All Souls Episcopal Church Altar Guild. Meredith’s story and photo included. Heart, outline and straight line quilting @ 6-7 st/in. Mint New Condition, poly batting 79x98 $197
6076_flowers_for_ my_lady_small.jpg Antique Quilt 6076
Depression pink embroidered and painted "Flowers for My Lady"  with top couple from 1890s and middle couple from the 1930s. Joy Ganoung's  (French origin) mother made, Alta Buchanan, in Kiowa City. Alta's father came in the Land Run of 1889 and homesteaded 160 acres in Cooperte, Indian Territory. Joy worked in the 1970s & 1980s as supervisor of nursing services at OK Children's Hospital. She died in 1998, had no children of her own, so she poured her life into the children at the hospital. Diagonal hand quilting @ 6-7 st/in. Penciled "My Favorite 15" in the Calla Lily in the middle. Excellent 61x84 $149

Antique Quilt 6199
Tulip Pot Appliqued Top from Nichols Hills, OK estate of JoAnn and Dr. Warren M Crosby MD (1931-2011.) photo and family history included. Adorable. Needle turned with blanket stitch hand embroidery. Mint condition. Mint Condition 71x80 $87

Left: Early 1900’s Honeycomb hand pieced quilt. Nice thick and warm. They grew and carded their own cotton bats complete with cotton seeds still inside. Baptist Fan Hand Quilting @ 4-5 st/in Very Good 68x80 $149



Antique Quilt 6303

1960's quirky comforters right to left:
• 1960's tied comforter with yellow and red flowery back from Nichols Hills estate. Remember the flower children? 36" x 54" $39

• Polyester Knit blocks bound in yellow, no back. Note red elephants marching. Great POP ART. Remind you of your 1960s pant suits? 81" x 92" $97

• Lined 1960s polyester knit pieced comforter 48" x 60" $99

• Tied Polyester Knit Comforter in Streak of Lightning pattern with cheater cloth back. warm and heavy 84" x 92" $99



Antique Quilt 6317

Yellow bordered Yo Yo quilt by grandmother “BB” of Jan Hinds in Choctaw, OK. Cheery and fun to bring a breath of sunshine to any room. Few yoyos need to be reattached, otherwise excellent condition $197



Antique Quilt 6320
Pink, yellow and blue Octagon and Square from Susan and Randy Lancaster's estate in Edmond, OK. Sweet pastels in seer sucker. Outline hand quilting @ 7 st/in. Striped blanket used for batting. Washed since picture taken and looks great. 2” of binding wear, otherwise excellent 62" x 73" $197




Antique Quilt 6321
Nine Patch with Bow Tie Quilt Top quilted later from Susan and Randy Lancaster's Edmond estate. Outline and wagon wheel hand quilting @ 4-5 st/in. Washed since photo taken and stains gone. Mint 71" x 88" $149



Antique Quilt 6334

Quirky Crossroads or X quilt in fun stripes, polka dots and plaids by Roy Johnson's grandmother Anna Johnson from Elmore City born in 1889 on farm. Great Graphic Art-Pop Art, perfect for modern décor. Feed sack and funky aqua fish prints from 1950's -60s. Stright line quilting @ 5 st/in Patch and pin holes on back, otherwise excellent condition 64"x 78" $197


Antique Quilt 6339

String Square Quirky quilt from 77 year old Billie A Stewart Hooper's estate. She and husband Eddy had a daughter and son in OKC. Aqua back and binding. Obit included. Straight line quilting @ 5-6 st/in Excellent condition 65x85" $197



Antique Quilt 6342

String Square top hand pieced onto calico foundation fabric by grandmother of Anna Johnson, born in 1889 in Elmore City the year of the Land Run which her grandmother' s family made. Quirky fun artwork. Fragile silks 71x80" $129 I'll back it for you for $99

Hunting Dog Buggy Blanket made from horsehair. Rare and collectible with Dog. Rare bargain too. I've sold these for $500 or $600 . Tiny wear on 4 corner edges, otherwise excellent. 45x61" $195ND

160 Log Cabin String Squares on point hand pieced on cotton calico foundation. Make your own quirky art quilt. Excellent condition $2 each




Antique Quilt 6347

Right: Poly knit, wool and jersey Brick Wall Quilt Top 60x67" $89

Center: Crazy Tied Quilt in seersucker, wild quirky prints and calico back and binding. Back split has been repaired 66x76" $97

Left: Poly Knit Log Cabin Quilt in plaids, solids and prints & stripes. Hand outline quilting @ 4 st/in with muslin back Excellent 70x91" $197




Antique Quilt 6354

1930's Nine Patch top quilted later from Sherry & Ted Zachery's estate in Stonebridge gated community on Lake Overholser in Yukon, OK. Family history included of how these small town children from Cement, OK grew up, Ted milking cows and chopping wood on the family farm while Sherry was a skilled basketball player. They married in 1957 after graduating and their adventures took them from the oil field, to ice cream delivery, farming, factory work, sales and and finally as business partners for 34 years. They parlayed $3000 into one of the largest pump companies in the world. Their daughter Terri and husband Richard Greenly took over OK Pump Co in 2005 and founded in 2008 which provides hand dug pump systems for clean water in third world countries. Vertical hand quilting @ 6 st/in and horizontal machine quilting. Hand pieced. Calico border and backing. Excellent condition 72" x 85" $139




Antique Quilt 6357

Polyester Knit Brick Wall Pop Art Quilt. Quirky and Fun, Yarn Tied Comforter with yellow rose print back. Riotous splashes of bright happy colors with fun polka dot animal prints and Art Nouveau Ladies, squiggly and swirly prints. Modern Art at its best. Mint Unused condition 74" x 94" Full, Queen, King $197


6400-under-200-dynamite-graphic.jpg Antique Quilt 6400

Dynamite graphic string quilt in 1970's polyester knit by Ernie (Ernestine) Griffith from Atoka who never married but fed the town of Atoka, OK from her truck farm in her front and back yard. Spunky lady who quilted until she was 100 and died at 101 years. Mint 52" x 63" $97

6415-streak-of-lightning-under-200.jpg Antique Quilt 6415

Streak of Lightning tied comforter with poly knit from Marge and Glenn Van Wyngarden's OKC estate. Marge born in Chicago in 1925. Married Glen in 1945 before he headed off to serve in WWII in China, Burma & India. Glenn worked for Illinois Bell 5 years & SW Bell 32 years. Both obits and photo included. 5" blocks. Cheerful happy garden look with great placement of colors and patterns. Delightfully Quirky! Beautiful Renoir French countryside art print on back in polished cotton. Tiny staining. Excellent 77" x 94" $149

6416-under-200-trip.jpg Antique Quilt 6416

Trip Around the World hand tied comforter in poly knit from Marge and Glenn Van Wyngarden's OKC estate. Marge born in Chicago in 1925. Married Glen in 1945 before he headed off to serve in WWII in China, Burma & India. Glenn worked for Illinois Bell 5 years & SW Bell 32 years. Both obits and photo included. Wow graphic modern quirky art!. Great use of colors. Orange really pops. Brown striped back. Excellent 63" x 91" $99

6417-under-200-one-patch.jpg Antique Quilt 6417

One Patch poly knit tied comforter from Marge and Glenn Van Wyngarden's OKC estate. Marge born in Chicago in 1925. Married Glen in 1945 before he headed off to serve in WWII in China, Burma & India. Glenn worked for Illinois Bell 5 years & SW Bell 32 years. Both obits and photo included. Wow modern art! One of two matcing with #6418 Excellent 66" x 92" $49

6425-wedding-ring-under-200.jpg Antique Quilt 6425

Pale Yellow Double Wedding Ring Quilt from Linda Wrights OKC estate probably by Jennie Bea Womble Losinski a housewife and Linda's aunt from Ellsworth, OK now at the bottom of Lake Texoma Lake. Love the scalloped borders. Hand cross hatch quiSherrlting @ 7 st/in. Binding wear and weak fabrics and hole in outer border. As is 68" x 82" $89

6443-under-200-String-Square.jpg Antique Quilt 6443

Magenta and green plaid String Square from Weatherford, Texas Mr. Sparks estate. Quirky Modern Art! Stunning Graphic Art! Diagonal and cross hatch hand quilting @ 6 st/in. Mint unused. Freshly washed for first time since photo taken and looks great. 57" x 74" $129

6447-under-200-diamonds.jpg Antique Quilt 6447

Diamonds in poly knit hand tied with yarn from Elaine Butler's collection, Purcell, OK. Great Modern Abstract Art. Quirky, fun, bright, happy, warm quilt. Cream poly/cotton back. Excellent condition 74" x 87" $149

6449-under-200-lav-string-star.jpg Antique Quilt 6449

Lavender bordered String Star from Elaine Butler's collection in Purcell, OK. Quirky Funky Fun quilt with 1950s feed sacks. Hand outline quilting @ 5 st/in. Couple of seams raveling. 74" x 76" $159

6453-under-200-purpleblue-cross.jpg Antique Quilt 6453

Post depression purple and blue plaid Cross and Nine Patch Quilt from Edmond estate. Aqua and purple large floral patterned backing and binding. Hand outline and cross hatch quilting @ 5-6 st/in Mint Condition 74" x 82" $197


6454 New Green LeMoyne Star from Edmond Ok estate. Great graphic art with sashings and borders. Happy quilt makes you smile. White back and binding. Daisy and outline hand quilting @8 st/in Mint 58x87 $197


6467-under-200-bow-tie-checkerboard-1974.jpg Antique Quilt 6467

Right: Bow Tie. Hand pieced top with feed sack blocks and patchwork border added later hand quilted by an OKC hippie @ 5 st/in Tiny staining Very Good 68" x 88" $97

Left: Checkerboard with gold star hand quilting @ 5 st/in. Larger scale checkerboard border added later. Wonky! Crude! Needs a bath to remove stains. Newer binding. Well loved but Very Good condition 71" x 81" $97

images/6485 under 200 streak of lightining & 9patch.jpg

Antique Quilt 6485
Right: Streak of Lightning from Sally Wells' Oklahoma City estate. Photo and obit included. Machined quilted with maroon back in excellent condition 81" x 95" Excellent condition $97

Left: 1970s Poly knit Nine Patch quilt from Mrs. Sharah's Edmond Estate. Tied with white yarn. Hand pieced. White comfy flannel back. Quirky fun bright colors! Excellent condition. 62" x 86" $69

images/thumbnail/6485 closeup.jpg
Antique Quilt 6493
Red Cross Stitch Rose 1960's quilt from OKC estate. Hand diamond and cross hatch quilting @ 8 st/in. Tiny fading, otherwise Excellent condition . Freshly washed since photo taken. 72" X 82"
Antique Quilt 6505
Expanded Nine Patch Depression era top newly quilted from Jones OK estate in Apple Valley. Great feed sack and children's novelty prints and navy anchors and rope nautical theme. Love the Scallops. Pale yellow back. Hand quilting in the ditch @ 4-5 st/in Never used Mint Condition. I finished binding it. 67" x 81"
images/6532 depr indiana puzzle.jpg

Antique Quilt 6542

1930s Indiana Puzzle or Robbing Peter to Pay Paul by Bill Townsen's ( 1928-2014) mother Ola Grenlee Townsen and grandmother in Shawnee, OK. Bill worked in oilfield and ran his brother's antique auto museum. Obituaries and photos of Bill and wife Janice are included. Funky, fun contemporary art in solids. Hand pieced and hand outline and circle quilting @ 7 st/in. Well loved by still excellent condition. 64" x 79" $149

images/thumbnail/6532 closeup.jpg
Antique Quilt 6542
Whole Cloth Quilt for your tribal ethnic decor in black and caramel. Great buy I'm passing along! You can feel the cotton seeds in the batting. Hand quilted in diagonal and crosshatch pattern @ 5 st/in. Excellent condition 66" x 80"
Antique Quilt 6549
Depression floral applique on pale pink background, back and binding. Beautiful embroidery embellishment. Great buy I'm passing along. Crosshatch diagonal hand quilting @ 8-9 st/in. Top edge rebound. Freshly washed. Very good. 66" x 76"
Antique Quilt 6563
1940’s-50's Feed sack Crazy Patchwork Quilt quirky with rose striped feed sack back and binding. 1/2" feed sack repair before it was quilted. Funky sombrero hats and cactus, bows, etc. Hand pieced and quilted @ 6-8 st/in. 70" x 90
Antique Quilt 6581
Baseball Quilt made by a grandmother in OKC for her 5 year old son. Quirky to the core! Wonky! Black background and white rings give maximum contrast and WOW Power. Love it! Muslin back and binding. Hand pieced. Straight line hand quilting @ 6 st/in Tiny staining will come out. Excellent 67" x73"
Antique Quilt 6591
New Gingham Checkerboard Quilt for twin bed with triple gingham ruffles attached with cording to the quilt. Matching hand quilted pillow sham, dresser scarf and doily-the perfect bedroom ensemble for your Little Princess. Museum quality Hand quilting with butterflies @ 9 st/in. Mint condition. Top is 37" x 76" + 25 1/2" ruffles to floor on three sides.
Antique Quilt 6594
Depression era Sunbonnet Sue with cheater cloth pieced border from Patricia A. Morgan's folk art collection and estate in SE Midwest City, OK. Signed and dated on back in ink "Lou Troutt, Norman, made in 1950" which adds to the value. Diagonal hand quilting @ 7 st/in. Great buy I'm passing along just because my closets are exploding with new spring arrivals. A couple of embroidery threads broken, otherwise excellent condition. Washed since photo taken and looks great. 69" x 81"
Antique Quilt 6643
Lavender 1960s Rose Cross Stitch Quilt by Dorothy Lynn Wiley (1929-2016) born to Hoke S Dalton and Retta Lynn Dalton, Mt Pleasant TX. Dorothy graduated valedictorian from Atoka, OK and has BS and Masters in teaching from OSU and UCO and taught all grades from lst t thru college. Photo and obituary included. Yummy mint green back. Cross hatch and straight line quilting @ 7 st/in. Great bargain I’m passing on. MINT UNUSED 70" x 85"
Antique Quilt 6668
1930s Peach String Square Quilt made by Ollie Helvey's mom and grandma on farm in Shannon, TX. She was full blooded Cherokee Indian with 7 sons and 7 daughters and the men worked in the oil field. Garden Maze inner borders frame each block. Probably batting was made from home grown, hand carded cotton. Baptist fan hand quilting @ 6 st/in. Washed since photo take and looks great. Very Good condition. 59 1/2 x 7"
Antique Quilt 6671
Missouri Daisy Quilt made by Ollie Helvey's mom and grandma on farm in Shannon, TX. She was full blooded Cherokee Indian with 7 sons and 7 daughters and the men worked in the oil field. Fun and funky. Bright and Happy. Great sashings and borders. Pale pink back and bindng. Great buy I'm passing along!! Cross hatch and outline quilting @ 6 st/in. Unused Mint Condition 70" x 84"
Antique Quilt 6679
1950s Red Wild Goose Chase Quilt by Lisa Whites grandmother Loretts (Mrs. Todd) Burkdoll) (1915-1999) on homestead farm in Barnett, OK. Her father was Sheriff and owned bank. Funky Quirky Graphic Art. Hand quilted in Baptist fan @ 5 st/in. Washed freshly Love the daisy center sashing and binding. Excellent 69x79
Antique Quilt 6695
Expanded Nine Patch 1930s Friendship Quilt made possibly as wedding goft for Ida Marie Meinike Bogie (1896-1966) by Mrs. Willis Stephen Bogie (1890-1966) and the ladies of the Quilting Bee of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Eram, near Okmulgee. Obituary of Ruth Louise Bogie, daughter (1917-2000) included. Names include: Amelia Walther, Bearman, Denalda Meineke, Emma Cohricahler, Thelma Dehnke, Emma Meryer, Anne Rohne, Mary Meineke, Dora Dehake, Helda Dehake, Tilehln Meineke, Ruth Cohueilder, Arma Dehnke, Dora Homan, Memma Dehneke, Ann Meineke, John Meinike, Linda Telaman, Linda Meineke, Mary Cehrolder, Lenna Meineke, Clare Fertherhim. Outline and oval hand quilting @ 7-8 st/in. Excellent condition 80" x 80" $129

Antique Quilt 6700
Depression Expanded Nine Patch and Orange Peel by Margaret Alyce Akers and sister Leslie Akers Otts' mother Ethel Inez Akers (Mrs. George Vatrose) and grandmother Maude Terry Akers on farm in Ardmore, OK that their family homesteaded. She probably grew and hand carded her own cotton for the batting. Obits and photo of Margaret and Leslie Ott included. Great graphic art and optical illusion. Love the green back. Outline straight line hand quilting @ 5 st/in. Little binding wear on top and bottom. Otherwise excellent condition 64" x 77" $119

Antique Quilt 6712
Right) Baby Quilt with elephant and balloon machine appliqued. 1960s or newer with poly batting. Excellent condition with scroll and straight line hand quilting @ 8 st/in. Washed and stains gone. $49 SOLD

Middle) Panel quilt of veggies with striped veggie back. Machine quilted. Adorable. Mint condition 42" x 70" Bargain at: $29

Left) Hand made Pieced and Appliqued Reverse Applique lined bedspread with label on back saying, "Hand made by Xayher in Thailand" Beautiful in aqua, burgandy and mauve. New Mint condition from OKC estate 124 x 124" $79(Sold)

Antique Quilt 6716
1970s Carpenter’s Wheel or Dutch Rose from Janice G. McCarty's Warwick OKC estate. She was 81 year old and her relatives owned CA Construction and Plumbing in Norman. Great sasings and borders frame each wheel or rose. Great Graphic Art. Love the intricate pattern. Outline hand quilting @ 6 st/in. Freshly washed. Excellent 70" x 84" $149

Antique Quilt 6735
Rare Crib Grandmother's Flower Garden with 1/2" sided hexagons all hand pieced and hand quilted around. Fussy cut flowers and scalloped borders in soft sweet pastels. Binding wear on top border. Soft and well loved but still beautiful. 44" x 64" $149

Antique Quilt 6739
Schoolhouse Quilt with matrix navy sashings that frame each schoolhouse in sentimental journey of walking to school as a child. Cheater cloth (printed pattern, not pieced) Outline hand quilting @ 5 st/in. Tiny pilling, otherwise excellent condition. King/Queen 88" x 128" $99

Antique Quilt 6743
Right New Red stripe and white Nine Patch by Sandra (Mrs. Kirby) Conn who is retiring and moving to FL. Dramatic graphic.Machine quilted. Freshly washed. Excellent condition. King/Queen 86" x 103. $97
Left: Tied Turquoise and coral poly knit comforter Four Patch with white sashing and red yarn ties. Whimsical and fun for your Hippie/Boho décor. by Pricilla Jones's SW OKC estate. Excellent 72" x 82" $67
Bottom Right. Avocado and orange crocheted or knitted throw with 3D textured surface. Funky and great for retro/gypsy/boho/hippie décor. Tag attached says "Sula Blankenship" Excellent 74" x 52" $39(Sold)
Bottom Left Red, white blue, lavender, mauve Trip Around the World knit or crocheted throw by Pricilla Jones or Sula Blankenship from her SW 29th OKC estate. Love the borders. Great for your retro/gypsy/boho/hippie décor. Excellent condition 48" x 60" $39(Sold)

Antique Quilt 6745
Right: Hippie era Flower Power hand tied comforter. from Betty Meyer's Blue Stem estate in OKC. Makes you happy! Bet this has seen many picnics and rock concerts. Great triple borders and sunshine yellow back. Freshly washed. Excellent condition 64" x 71" $69

Left: Hand knitted or crocheted Afghan with three dimensional raised vertical lines and maroon fringe. Excellent condition $29.95(Sold)

Antique Quilt 6747
Right New Navy Triangles with navy back from Donna and Doyle Orell's 5 A Edmond estate, OK. Great colors and graphic art. They both taught school and are retiring and downsizing. Hand echo quilting @ 4 st/in Excellent condition 64" x 84" Only $97(SOLD)

Bottom right New Green machine quilted throw from Donna and Doyle Orell's 5 A Edmond estate, OK. They both taught school and are retiring and downsizing. Excellent unused 46" x 60" $29.50

Bottom left New Desert Rose machine quilted throw from Donna and Doyle Orell's 5 A Edmond estate, OK. They both taught school and are retiring and downsizing. Excellent unused 48" x 62" $29.50

Antique Quilt 6766
1970s Always Friends or Axe HANDLE in textured polka dot lime, orange and aqua poly knit by Ruby York, 94 year old and still going strong born in Mena, AR who moved to OKC. White cotton back. Very lively Quirky Modern Art. Great Buy! Hand outline quilting @ 6st/in. Mint condition 74" x 96" $197

Antique Quilt 6767
1970s Dynamite Red Nine Patch in textured 3 dimensional poly knit by Ruby York 94 year old from Mena AR and later OKC. Bold Modern Art in solids. Hand outline quilting @ 5 st/in. Excellent condition 72" x 88" $97

Antique Quilt 6768
1970s Poly Knit Dog Bone or Bow Tie by 94 year old Ruby York from Mena AR who moved to OKC. Love the whimsical polka dot binding and back and scalloped borders. Hand outline quilting @ 6 st/in. Excellent condition 70" X 88" $149

Antique Quilt 6773
Pink Spools or Bowtie by Mary Margaret Lewey (Mrs. Charles Sydney Barron) for her son Lewey Bradford Barron, OKC, Obit and photo included. Baron was a petroleum land man from Enid, graduated from OU Beta Theta Pi, married Linda Gibbon and had 4 sons. He opened the Tulsa office of United Energy Trading. Baptist Fan hand quilting @ 6 st/in. Excellent condition 70"x 78" $149

Antique Quilt 6784
Grandmother's Fan by Jeffie Beaver (Mrs. A W Smith 1894-1985) who sewed with her 8 sisters and 3 daughters and won all the blue ribbons at State Fair in OKC and Calico Rock AR. Photos of Jeffie with her quilts, article from Sunday Oklahoma and awards included. Museum quality hand outline quilting @ 9 st/in. A little fugitive red dye visible mostly on back-otherwise in excellent condition. Freshly washed. Adorable. Great Buy! 67" x 72" $97 $197

Antique Quilt 6793
Turn of Century Trip Around the World from Bartlesville native Greek Frances Irene Kountoupis DeCaulp's OKC estate (6-29-24 to 3-24-16) (Mrs. Wilheim Edgar DeCaulp 5-18-20 to 5-2000) probably made by Irene's grandmother. Irene's brother George Kountoupis is a famous watercolor and oil artist and sculptor in Tulsa. Irene is also an Artist. Photo of her portrait painted by George is included. Great calico print beige floral back. Fabulous Graphic Art with great early calicos. Hand cross hatch quilting @ 6 st/in. Several border black triangles fragile. Washed since photo taken and staining gone. 84" x 85" $197

Antique Quilt 6798
1950s Blue and brown Checkerboard Quilt from George Cannon's deceased brother's Edmond estate on Waterloo. Very bold and masculine. Great buy I'm passing along. Hand pieced and hand outline quilting @ 5 st/in. Excellent 62" x 82" $97

Antique Quilt 6799
1960s Streak of Lightning Quilt from George Cannon's deceased brother's Edmond estate on Waterloo. Whimsical, Funky, Fun Quilt. Great Graphic Art. Outline hand quilting @ 5 st/in. Mint Unused Condition 71" x 84" $129

Antique Quilt 6805
Checkerboard Quilt from Dentist Jerome and Margaret Ann Miller from their Northwestern Estates in Edmond, OK. Blue back and binding. Great buy. Red bandana, blue seersucker and ticking, funky fish and straight line hand quilting @ 5 st/in. Mint Unused Condition 74" x 86" $139

Antique Quilt 6808
Depression era Grandmother's Flower Garden from Virginia Olds' OKC estate, probably made by her grandmother. Incredible 5/8" sided hexagons hand pieced and hand quilted around. Green diamond garden path and fussy cut flowers. Possibly wool batting pilling through back and front because of improper drying. Just needs a lint remover to remove pilling or hand pluck. Great buy. Otherwise excellent condition. 54" x 74" $97

Antique Quilt 6814
New Shadow Blocks Signed and dated 2016 by Betty Jeffries, Cushing, OK from Burkett, OKC estate in Twin Lakes. Quirky and fun interplay of African tribal prints, watches, ships and compass, lemons and limes with great pink and blue floral back and binding. Machine quilted. Great gift! Mint Unused New Condition 66" x 82" $97

Antique Quilt 6820
Right: Great Feed sack String Quilt by mother of Jimmie (Mrs. Melvin Cookie) Cook of Salina and Drumright, OK. Jimmie was an OSU English Professor and Cookie a real estate tycoon. Hand quilting @ 5 st/in. Very good but well loved. 66" x 80" $39(Sold)

Center: String Streak of Lightning by mother of Jimmie (Mrs. Melvin Cookie) Cook of Salina and Drumright, OK. Jimmie was an OSU English Professor and Cookie a real estate tycoon. Hand quilting @ 7-8 st/in inBaptist Fan pattern. Quirky and fun for modern grey interiors with great borders. Tiny fading, otherwise Excellent condition. 61" x 74 $139

Left: Red and Yellow Cross by mother of Jimmie (Mrs. Melvin Cookie) Cook of Salina and Drumright, OK. Jimmie was an OSU English Professor and Cookie a real estate tycoon. Machine quilting, hand embroidery. Quirky and fun bold contemporary look with optical illusion. Excellent condition 60" x 72" $129

Antique Quilt 6828
1940s top newly machine quilted Ohio Star Optical Illusion with Shoo Fly. Adorable with blue gingham and red nautical calicos from OKC Estate with great green rose chintz back and binding. MINT UNUSED CONDITION. Great Buy! 72" x 86" $197

Antique Quilt 6837
1950s Cross Nine Patch quilt from Steven Reed's OKC estate made by wife Patsy McGuinness and her mom on their Hugo Centennial farm. They were early homesteaders. Great cowboys, watches, Parisian fountains. Outline hand quilting @ 5-6 st/in Mint Unused 72x86 $149

Antique Quilt 6841
Rose Cross Stitch Quilt. Beautiful from Marilyn Stewart's warwick estate in OKC. Lavender/grey back. Hand diamond and outline and scroll quilting @ 7-10 st/in. Great buy I'm passing along. Freshly Washed since picture taken. Excellent condition 72" x 88" $149

Antique Quilt 6842
depression era Peach and Blue Pinwheel Top quilted later (?) Great modern Graphic Contemporary Art from Marilyn Stewart’s OKC Warwick estate. Hand outline quilted @ 6-78 st/in. Peach back and binding slightly different shade of peach. Freshly washed since photo taken and looks great. Little discoloration on back. Otherwise excellent condition 67" x 80" $97

Antique Quilt 6843
1950s Bowtie with cute kitchie binding and calico partiallye pieced calico yellow and floral back. Love the feedsacks, baskets, black and white diamonds, fish, Indian and pink poodle prints from Marilyn Stewart's OKC Warwick estate, prolific quilter and quilt collector. Hand outline quilting @ 7 st/in. Freshly washed since photo taken and looks great. Excellent condition 60" x 86" $149

Antique Quilt 6849
Window Box made with Thimbleberries Fabric, signed and dated on one matching piece "by Marilyn Kaye Stewart 2-25-2003" in her OKC Warwick home. Beautiful soft colors that go with any color scheme as wall art, sofa throw, table cover or at foot of bed. Machine quilting and piecing by expert and perfectionist. Unused Mint Condition 40" x 52" $59

Matching signed quilt art or table cover by Marilyn Kaye Stewart Mint Unused Condition 17 1/" x 17 1/2" $19.95

Matching beautiful Log Cabin Bird House Thimbleberrie fabric by Marilyn Kaye Stewart. Great wall art or table cover $29.95

Antique Quilt 6850
left 911 Flag Memorial Quilt with machine embroidered "We will not falter, fall, fear forget Sept 11, 2001" by Marilyn Kaye Stewart with patriotic back Mint Unused Condition 45" x 55" Mint Unused $79(SOLD)

Right Appliqued Snowmen, Pieced evergreen and stars with gold metallic thread machine quilting by Marilyn Kaye Stewart. Adorable all winter long as wall art or sofa or bed throw. 40" X 52" $69

Antique Quilt 6851
Autumn Pumpkin Patch by Marilyn Kaye Stewart in her OKC Warwick home. Great inner borders, calicos and backing perfectly done. Fun way to redecorate your home for every season. Mint New Condition 43" x 53" $79

Pumpkin Patch with Picket Fence. Whimsical. Great calicos and inner borders with 9 patch , stars and appliqued vine. Expertly machine quilted even with a tiny mouse. Fun way to redecorate your home for every season Mint Unused Condition 58" x 58" $97

Two carved pumpkins. Whimsical and fun! Great inner borders and embroidery embellishment. Fun way to redecorate your home for fall. Mint Unused Condition 26" x 38" $29(SOLD)

Antique Quilt 6860
Rose of Sharon Appliqued Quilt in rose poly knit from Butch Leonard's Hidden Creek NW OKC estate. Great embroidery embellishment. Whimsical, adorable and happy quilt that brings a smile to your face-a breath of springtime. Soft pink cotton back, poly batting. Hand diagonal quilting @ 56 st/in. I was the first to wash it after photo taken and it looks great. Excellent condition 70" x 91"
Antique Quilt 6871
1970s Log Cabin Barn Raising. Fun, Funky, Hippy. Fabulous Graphic Art. Bold contemporary splashes of happy colors with cute bicyclers and cheater cloth calicos. Summer spread with no batting. In the ditch hand quilting @ 8-9 st/in Excellent condition 78” x 90”
Antique Quilt 6876
Seminole Patchwork Jacket small/medium made by Carolyn Marie Jorski Munn and her Mom Dorothy (Mrs. Felix James Jorski in Bethany. Carolyn worked in family J&R Equipment business.Carolyn was BSF leader and in prison ministry. Obit and photo included. Beautiful intricate patchwork design, workmanship, style and very wearable in fashion. Washed since photo taken and looks great. Excellent condition $149

"new hand embroidered crazy velvet skirt wraparound by Caroly Marie Jorski Munn of Bethany, worked at family's J&R Equipment business. Photo and obit included. Use as a furniture throw or decorate with it at foot of bed or folded. 39" hi x 42" w at bottom tapering up to 30 1/2" waist $79

Antique Quilt 6878
Shoo Fly or Hole in Barn Door red chambray and calico. Great optical Illusion from John Buchanan, electrical engineer's Bethany, OK estate. Passing along a bargain. Baptist Fan hand quilting @ 7 st/in Excellent condition 66" x 81" $149

Antique Quilt 6885
right top: 14 1/2 x 38" Brick Wall art or table runner machine quilted by Mary Dunlap Bump OKC $29

right bottom: 13" x 16" antique early 1900 hooked rug wall art of horse drawn sleigh with family and house from Betty and Dr. Wilson Mahone's OKC estate in Belle Isle from New England excellent condition $97

Left: Heart Crib sized Quilt by Mary Dunlap Bump, OKC signed on back. Feather, heart and outline hand quilting @ 5 st/in 34 1/2" x 57" excellent condition $49

images2018/6901 string square under 200.jpg
Antique Quilt 6901
Depression era String Square in flannel from June and Vaughan V. Story's Bethany, OK estate. Vaughan was born in 1919 in Valliant, OK and died in 2007 in OKC. Quilt probably made by Vaughan's mother, Lillie Justus (Mrs. Arthur Lee Story) in Valliant, OK. Vaughan was in Army and Navy in WWII and South Pacific, graduated from OU and one of first CPAs in OKC and also treasurer of Cherokee Church of Christ Church. Obituary included. Soft and cuddly front and back which is brown striped. Love the wide navy and burgundy striped border and 4 cornerstones in peach with burgundy binding. Quirky and Fun! Hand pieced and hand diagonal line quilting @ 7 st/in Excellent condition 71" x 80" $129

images2018/6917 under 200 checkerboard.jpg
Antique Quilt 6917
Early 1900s Checkerboard Cross from Jim Benson's Summerfield estate in OKC, OK. Obituary included. Love the soft early calicos and pastel green binding and back. Straight line and flower hand quilting @ 7-8 st/in. Upon extremely close inspection, I found a few fragile fabrics, the worst of which is shown in bottom of close up. Otherwise very good condition. 64" x 82 Great buy because my closets are exploding $89

images/6920 depr checkerboard.jpg

Antique Quilt 6920
1950s Checkerboard Streak of Lightning or Sixteen Patch from 88 year old Marilyn K Rogers (Jackie, Mrs. Leo R) Edmond estate. Jackie graduated in 1948 from Eric, OK Hi School (1930-2018?) and bore Michael Douglas, son. Great feed sack prints and rare and valuable novelty print of boy and girl dancing in closeup which also shows 2 shades of off white background. Cross Hatch hand quilting @ 6 st/in. Mint Unused. Freshly washed since photo taken and stains gone. I was first to wash. 68” x 80” Great buy at $197

images/thumbnail/6920 closeup.jpg
images2018/6923 under 200.jpg
Antique Quilt 6922
6923 (under 200) Right to left: 1930s Little Bo Peep or Mary had a Little Lamb embroidered baby summer spread (no batting or batting-just bound) Recently washed and stains gone. Mint Unused condition 33" x 46" $69

Pink bordered Dresden Plate quilt top machine pieced. Excellent condition 72" x 86" $39(Sold)

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Top with yellow centers and hand pirced. Excellent condition 66" x 82" $69

Mid Century Bark Cloth Strip Quilt. Funky retro for you collectors of modern décor in great greys. Machine quilted from Humes estate in OKC' 70 x 78" Excellent condition $78(SOLD)

Images2018/6938 under 200.jpg
Antique Quilt 6938
Right top to bottom: two Dresden Plate hand quilted pillows in tulip and outline patterns @ 10 st/in. 16 1/2" square with zippered blue back. Freshly washed in excellent condition $14.95 each with or without pillow form included Serpent on a Pole Mola medical symbol made by Kuna Indians from Panama Canal San Blas Islands. When Israel rebelled against God and were bitten by serpents, God said to Moses: Make a snake (of bronze) and put it up on a pole; anyone who is bitten can look at it and live. Numbers 21:8. "As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." -Jesus Christ, John 3:14-16. A millennium after Moses, and 2,400 years ago, Hippocrates held to a Greek religious belief which recognized the serpent on a staff as a symbol of medicine. Hippocrates who wrote in the Hippocratic Oath, "never do harm," and "I will not... cause an abortion." Medical schools still commonly administer the pledge but sadly, in pro-abortion cultures, they have removed the promise to not kill an unborn child. Hand reverse applique in intricate detail. Rare and desirable. Perfect gift for the doctor in your life. 16" x 18" in black frame. Mint condition $139(Sold)

4 Chicken wall art quilts $16.95 each or $60 for all four. 10x16, 12x13, 10x11, 9 1/2 x 13 signed by artist Diana Sargent $16.95 each or $60 for all four

Rolling Star Wall Hanging. Hand in the ditch quilting @ 7-8 st/in. Beautiful in mint condition 41" x 41" $97 with rod pocket(Sold)

Images2018/6946 undr 200 shooting star.jpg
Antique Quilt 6946
New Shooting Star by prolific quilter in Edmond, OK. Great optical Illusion and quadruple borders. Soft toy green print and floral bouquet. machine quilted 76" x 96" $97

Images2018/6947 blazing star under 200.jpg
Antique Quilt 6947
New Blazing Star Quilt by prolific quilter in Edmond, OK. Great triple borders and graphic arts. Hand floral and double diamond and outline quilting @ 7 st/in Mint New Condition 77" x 98" $189

Images2018/6956 under 200 group.jpg
Antique Quilt 6956
Top: right New Nine Patch Pinwheel Quilt. Great wall art or decorator throw. Reversible with strip pieced back with extra block in same calicos. Machine quilted. Mint New condition 56" x 67" only $49(Sold)

Left: 1930's yellow on one side and green satan or taffeta whole cloth crib quilt with hand crocheted lace scalloped border from Leon and Lorene Whitten estate. From Enid, Obit and photo included. Possibly made by his mom Marie (Mrs. Herbert Whitten) in Kiowa, KS for his birth in 1926. Beautifully hand cross hatch, scroll and rose quilting @ 6-7 st/in Reversible. Tiny fading on green side. Unused Otherwise Mint condition 42" x 42" $69

Bottom: Old Wedding Ring partial top newly quilted by hand @ 7st/in 26x53" $19.95(SOLD)

Images2018/6958 misc molas & kit.jpg
Antique Quilt 6958
Upper Right: Vintage Autumn Leaf King Kit Bucilla#48941 cotton percale stamped for embroidery and quilting. Mint in package 96" x 101" $20 Great buy to use it for your quilt back if you don't want to cross stitch it. $20(Sold)

Left: Wood framed San Blas Indian Mola with reverse hand applique and embroidery. Highly collectible for decorating for Folk Art Appeal. 14 1/2 x 17 3/4" OD frame $59

Middle: right and left San Blas Indian Mola with reverse hand applique and embroidery. Highly collectible for decorating for Folk Art Appeal.14" x 17" Excellent condition $49 each

Bottom: Two red San Blas Molas hand embroidered and reverse applique 6 1/2 x 8 1/2" $8.95 each

Bottom: Two black San Blas Molas hand embroidered and reverse applique 6" x 7" $8.95

Antique Quilt 6968
Right: New Log Cabin Throw from John Whitman and Mary Davis Nichols OKC estate-founders of Devon Energy and philanthropists. Obit and photo included. Great work of contemporary art with nice peach and blue/grey calicos. Love the Borders. Machine quilted. Love the borders. Great for wall art or thrown over sofa or for a touch of warmth and color for your décor. Unused Mint Condition 44' x 62" $89(SOLD)

Left: New Nine Patch Diamond in a Square with cowboy and frog prints. Whimsical and fun for child or adult. Hippy quilt with in the ditch hand quilting @ 4 st/in. 1970s Hi loft poly batting. Excellent. 49" x 72" $49

Images2018/6971 under 200.jpg
Antique Quilt 6971
Right: New red and green Sampler Lap Quilt or Wall Art from Erlee (Mrs. E.H. Red) Daniel's Edmond OK Estate. Outline hand quilting @ 9-10st/in Excellent condition 55" x 56" $69(Sold)

Center: Turquoise Handmade Crazy Wall Art or Throw or table covering that adds lots of glam and color to any décor. Made by member of the Edmond Quilt Guild, Edmond, OK. 39" x 57" $69

Left: New Cowboy Ranch Quilt for your little Buckaroo. Machine made and adorable. Mint condition. 26 1/2" x 36 1/2" $39(Sold)

Antique Quilt 6981
New Windmill Flower Garden Quilt signed by artist Janice Ruth Meador, OKC who won blue ribbon for row by row piecing. Her photo included, Quilted with hearts in the the borders by machine. Great triple border with garden gates frame each garden. Full/Queen/King. Mint New condition
images/6993 under 200 star.jpg

Antique Quilt 6993
1930s LeMoyne Star Variation from OKC estate. Love the great optical illusion. Squint your eyes and see many patterns by this ingenious pioneer quilter. Adds warmth and charm for any décor and color scheme. Hand Pieced and hand outline quilting @ 7-8 st/in. Freshly Washed in excellent condition 72" x 82" Reduced for quick sale to $197

images/thumbnail/6993 closeup.jpg
Antique Quilt 7004
Depression Expanded Nine Patch and Orange Peel by Margaret Alyce Akers and sister Leslie Akers Otts' mother Ethel Inez Akers (Mrs. George Vatrose) and grandmother Maude Terry Akers on farm in Ardmore, OK that their family homesteaded. She probably grew and hand carded her own cotton for the batting. Obits and photo of Margaret and Leslie Ott included. Great graphic art and optical illusion. Love the green back. Outline straight line hand quilting @ 5 st/in. Little binding wear on top and bottom. Otherwise excellent condition 64" x 77" $119

Antique Quilt 7008
Signed and dated Dorothy Otto 2001 Stars and Stripes Obituary and photo included of this quilter who made quilts with names for each Westie dog at the OKC Rescue center. Great graphic art with multiple inner borders and Irish Chain on point that frames each star. Machine quilted. excellent condition. 68" - 88" sale priced at

Antique Quilt 7011
New Dresden Plate Quilt using spiral cut Method for flowers. Made for a shower curtain with sleeve tie and rod by Juanita Quillin 1928-2018. obit and photo included. She worked as American Airlines secretary so WWII vet husband could get his accounting degree on GI Bill. Perfect for bed or wall. Yo-yos for flower centers and hand blanket stitched in gold thread. Beautiful. Hand quilted @5 st/in. Mint new condition. Sacrificing $197


Antique Quilt 7018
1959 Irish Chain Quilt from OKC estate. Whimsical large polka dots,ginghams and horse prints. Double borders. Great graphic art. Great bargain. Crosshatch, diagonal and daisy hand quilting @5-6 st/in. Freshly washed. Excellent condition 72-88 $197

Antique Quilt 7051
Antique Car Cross stitch quilt by Charlotte Mrs William Brooks and her mom Caryl Taylor in The Village OK. Caryl graduated from Central High in 1922 and from OCU in 1926. Family 1890s photos and photo of their grandparents farm in Iowa. Museum quality hand cross hatch quilting @9st/in. Mint unused condition. Car theme is highly collectible and rare. 80-86
Antique Quilt 7054
Signed and dated Trip Around the World Quilt by 91 year old Genie May Shulicks Edmond estate. Great graphic art in sweet pastels. Hand quilted around each 1 7/8 square@ 8 st/in. Washed since photo taken. King. Excellent condition. Great buy 89-98
Antique Quilt 7056
Flying Geese or string Square signed and dated For Pete. GS 12-3-94. Made by Genie May Shulick in Edmond OK. Fabulous contemporary graphic art with great double and triple borders. Double heart and rainbow sun and outline hand quilting @7-10 st/in. Mint condition.
Antique Quilt 7074
Cathedral Window by Dr Mary Sue Haught 86 year old born in Sayre OK to Claud and Lillie Facks. She got degrees from UCO and OU. Taught first grade at Moore and later professor at UCO. Obit and photo included. Beautiful and rare. Extremely time consuming. Much desired. Hand pieced. Mint until I Washed it and orange color ran. I’m sacrificing it for 1/5 of value72-84
Antique Quilt 7075
Mothers Dream or the Mountain Peak by Lena Simms in Bay Springs MS mom of 103 year old Esther Lee Simms Kyle or Emma Kyle mom of Esthers husband from MS. Embroidered with M in middle of top obviously made for Esther in 1920s. Great country patchwork. Bargain I’m passing along. Love the tan striped back. Hand Baptist Fan quilting@5st/in. Excellent condition. Freshly washed since photo taken. 64-70

Antique Quilt 7050
1990s Cross stitch Rose Quilt. Beautiful with great borders. Perfect for any decor. Simple and elegant. Great buy I’m passing along. Hand cable and leaf quilting @6-8st/inch. Excellent condition King queen 83-106 $189

Antique Quilt 7069
Signed and dated cattails and Lily Pad quilt by L Rowton 1983from Edmond OK estate of Russell David Rowton born in okesa OK who graduated from Col Hi Bartlesville and OSU in finance insurance and computer. Photo and obituary included. Survived by wife Elaine. Adorable. Hand quilting @7st/in. Unused mint. 70-90
Antique Quilt 7072
New appliquéd hearts by Dr Mary Sue Haught 86 year old born in Sayre OK to Claud and Lillie Facks. She got degrees from UCO and OU. Taught first grade at Moore and later professor at UCO. Obit and photo included. Hand outline quilting @9at/in. Mint unused 68-68
Antique Quilt 7073
New unused navy Irish Chain quilt by 86 year old Mary Sue Haught born in Sayre OK to Claud and Lillie Facks. Degrees from UCO and OU. Taught first grade at Moore Ok and professor at UCO. Obit and photo included. Hand quilted @10st/in. Found unbound so I finished it. Unused mint 64-86
Antique Quilt 7076
Hens and Chickens by Lena Simms in Bay Springs MS mom of 103 year old Esther Lee Simms Kyle or Emma Kyle mom of Esthers husband. Great country patchwork. Bargain I’m passing along. Love the tan striped back. Hand Baptist Fan quilting@5st/in. Several seams mended that had come lose otherwise no problems. Freshly washed since photo taken. 68-72
Antique Quilt 7077
Gold Rose Vine Cross Stitch quilt from Jeffrey Walizers Quail Creek OKC Home. Great buy I’m passing along. Hand quilted @6at/in. Perfect for any decor. Freshly washed. Tiny staining. Otherwise excellent condition. 78-90.
Antique Quilt 7078
Red Tulip Cross stitch quilt from Jeffrey Walizers Quail Creek OKC estate. Hand feather and straight line quilting @6 st/in. Excellent condition. Freshly washed. King queen full 76-95
Antique Quilt 7079
Green Hand needle turned Appliquéd Butterfly Quilt with great hand embroidered embellishment from 89 year old Gloria Jean and Charles Haley’s Edmond OK home on East 14 since 1949. Went to First Methodist. Great graphic with wide green sashings and borders that frame each arty butterfly. Hand diagonal quilting@6at/in. Great bargain 66-73.
Antique Quilt 7087
Depression Tied Crazy Quilt from old ties. Great hand embroidered embellishment. Love the Japanese cherry blossom countryside scenes on back. Love the 5 sports and whimsical polka dot prints. From NWOKC estate near 63rd and Villa. Excellent condition 70-75.
Antique Quilt 7100
Depression Lone Star Quilt from NWOKC estate. Great graphic art and bargain I'm passing along. Hand outline and diagonal quilting @8-9 st/in. Washed since photo taken and stains gone. Excellent condition 66-76
Antique Quilt 7101
1930s Red and white Young Mans Fancy quilt from Beaver Creek Road OKC estate. Great triple borders and sashings. Fabulous contemporary graphic art in much sought after but hard to find color. Outline hand quilting @7st/in. Freshly washed. Drastically reduced from $500 because of tiny hole pictured in closeup, stains and nick in binding 65-81
Antique Quilt 7102
1925 Blue work embroidered animal quilt possibly made by Helen Pierce Post in Mound City KS for her daughter Barbara Jean Querry (August 1928-2019) maybe for her birth or her brothers. Barbara was valedictorian and taught one room school in Linn County KS and bookkeeper for family farm. Married Claude Query but raised two children alone. Obit and photo included. Perfect keepsake for your little prince or princess! Love the triple borders and museum quality hand quilting in 3/4" crosshatch and scrolls designs @9st/in. One tiny nick in binding. Otherwise excellent condition 75-82
Antique Quilt 7113
New pink appliquéd Rose Wreath Quilt from Robert B and Leslie G Milsten’s OKC estate. Roberts grandfather was an OK pioneer in the Landrun staking claim in Coalgate. Robert was a AF veteran and later a tax attorney and president of Temple B’nai Israel. Photo and obit included of this famous pioneer family. Whimsical and beautiful in sweet pastels with pale pink back. Hand interlocking ring quilting @7st/in. Mint unused condition. King/queen. Mint unused condition. Great buy $197

Antique Quilt 7119
Sunbonnet Sue quilt in adorable lavender gingham for your princess. From Joy Kacars Nichols Hills OKC estate on Hillcrest. Great wide deep purple scalloped borders. Two quilts for price of one—reversible with wide deep violet bordered lavender centered back. Scroll, outline and square hand quilting @6st/in. Bargain I’m passing along. Tiny staining. Otherwise mint condition. Freshly washed. 79-104
Antique Quilt 7121
1925 yellow and white Irish Chain quilt from Annie Louise Starrett OKC estate probably made by Annie’s mom Pauline Trimm inMonticello MO. Annie worked for Tom Davis Lumber 46 years. Photo and obit included. Outline hand quilting @6st/in. Feels like silk made from cloth of gold. Freshly washed. Well loved but still beautiful sweet pastel and so soft and comfy to curl up in. Rebound. Couple of seams repaired. 68x76.
Sacrificing for $99
Antique Quilt 7122
Contemporary Ohio Star and Four Patch quilt from Midwest City OK estate. Great optical illusion. Reversible. Two quilts for price of one. Hand quilting @5st/in. Mint unused condition. 73x80.
Antique Quilt 7123
Depression era Lone Star quilt from Linda Brandenburg’s aunt in OKC. Hand pieced and hand quilted in outline, flower medallion and crosshatch design @6st/in. Great contemporary graphic art. Bargain I’m passing along. 80-92
Antique Quilt 7124
Peach Dresden Plate quilt from 1925 with flying geese borders. Label on back “wedding gift to Harvey Bruce and Doris Kathryn Campbell Turner July 1925 Seminole Methodist Church Seminole FL from Clemmie Cobb a blind friend. Hand quilting. Uneven batting. Rebound and edge restoration on one end. Several replaced petals. 62-84
Antique Quilt 7125
Right: Pink Depression era Periwinkle from Cindy West’s OKC estate. Pink back. Machine quilting. Fading. One 3 1/2” patch. Otherwise excellent 60-72 $49

Left: Yellow Appliquéd Rose. Fun and cheery from Cindy West’s OKC estate. Hand quilting @6st/in. Some hand embroidered embellishment loose. Uneven batting. Otherwise very good
Antique Quilt 7126
1925-30s Dresden Plate quilt from Cindy Wests OKC estate. Beautiful soft pastel. Love the ice cream cone borders scalloped. Reversible with yellow/gold back. Feather and feather wreath crosshatch and outline hand quilting @9at/in. Several fragile petals and tiny staining not noticeable. Otherwise excellent condition. 78-78

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