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Post-Depression Antique Quilts


Shipping $15 per Quilt

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Antique Quilt 5156 Appliqued Eagle Antique Quilt 5 156 - Appliqué Eagle
Yellow, Appliquéd Eagle, Flower and Sun quilt from Northwood, New Hampshire.  Great double saw tooth borders.  Cheerful, happy Grandma Moses Folk Art.  In the ditch , floral and tulip quilting at 6 stitches per inch. Washed. Excellent condition - 78" x 86"  $
Antique Quilt 5327 "Churn Dash" Antique Quilt 5327 - "Churn Dash"
Red and blue, hand-quilted "Churn Dash" quilt from Paris, Illinois. Bold Graphic with nice sashings. Great Buy for a boy's room. Outline stitching at 6-7 stitches per inch. Excellent condition - 72" x 88" $249ND
Antique Quilt 5373 - "Lone Star"
Pink "Lone Star" by 75 year old Mildren Foshee's Mother-in-law in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Dynamite Graphic Art. Nice outline and wreath quilting at 6 stitches per inch. MINT, unwashed condition
73" x 84"     $249ND
Story published in Centennial Stitches--Oklahoma History in Quilts full-color coffee-table book available for $39.95.
5975_aqua_bride's_bouquet_small.jpg Antique Quilt 5975
1950-60’s Aqua Bride’s Bouquet by Norma Rothe, Oklahoma City. Some 1930’s calicos and novelty prints. Outline, cable and diamond hand quilting @ 8 st/in 84x88 Mint Condition (never used or washed) $399ND
6143_grandmother's_flower_garden_small.jpg Antique Quilt 6143
1960’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden from Tulsa, OK estate. Love those scallops and inner green garden path and outer pink borders. 1 3/4” hexagons hand pieced and hand quilted around. Bargain I’m passing along. King/Queen. Washed since photos and looks fabulous. 105x106” Tiny snag on back repaired. $447ND
6055_flower_basket_small.jpg Antique Quilt 6055
New Flower or Fruit Basket from Siloam Springs, OK. Hand pieced and hand straight line quilting @ 5 st/in. Great graphic art and great buy I'm passing along. 64x72 Mint Unused $279ND

Antique Quilt 6305

Chains dated 1999 and signed and pieced by blue ribbon nationally acclaimed Quilt Artist, teacher, designer Charlotte Hickman. Machine quilted by Marilyn Karper, OKC Mint condition 58” x 72” $297 (SOLD)

Southwest aqua and rose Seminole Patchwork & Kokopelli Quilt Top pieced by blue ribbon nationally acclaimed Quilt Artist, teacher, designer Charlotte Hickman Mint condition 44” x 56” $85


Antique Quilt 6307

Right: Leaves designed, pieced and quilted by blue ribbon nationally acclaimed Quilt Artist, teacher, designer Charlotte Hickman. Black swirled back. Mint condition 60” x 47” $180(Sold)

Left: Amoebas. Wax, flour, dye, paint, yarn contemporary Whimsical Quilt sure to bring laughter by blue ribbon nationally acclaimed Quilt Artist, teacher, designer Charlotte Hickman. Blue underwater back. Mint condition 34 1/2” x 42” $297


Antique Quilt 6317

Yellow bordered Yo Yo quilt by grandmother “BB” of Jan Hinds in Choctaw, OK. Cheery and fun to bring a breath of sunshine to any room. Few yoyos need to be reattached, otherwise excellent condition $295


Antique Quilt 6352

Pink Dresden Plate from Parker estate on Woody Creek Drive in NW OKC. Bright, cheery, Fun Quilt? Modern Pop Art and a little quirky in poly/cotton fabrics and poly batting. Museum quality outline hand quilting @ 8-9 st/in. Mint new condition unused 74” x 90” $295


Antique Quilt 6414

Trip Around the World from Marge and Glenn Van Wyngarden’s OKC estate. Marge born in Chicago in 1925. Married Glen in 1945 before he headed off to serve in WWII in China, Burma & India. Glenn worked for Illinois Bell 5 years & SW Bell 32 years. Both obits and photo included. Hand outline quilting @ 4 st/in Bold Wow Graphic Art! Tiny discoloration, otherwise excellent 78” x 91” $297


Antique Quilt 6464

1970s Embroidered Bird Quilt. Solid blue back and binding by Virginia Darnelle Hollacker’s adopted mother Katherine Reinecker Henderson and her sisters Agatha and Christine, KC, MO from Joy Catherine Hollacker Beer’s OKC estate. Joy is an RN. Obit and photo included. Hand quilted @ 6-7 st st/in diagonal and cross hatch and crazy 8 pattern. Mint Unused 78”x 84” $279

Antique Quilt 6627
New orange gingham Monkey Wrench. Cute gingham matching back. Dramatic modern contemporary art—whimsical with solid monkey wrenches jumping out from behind gingham monkey wrenches. From Yukon OK estate of 102 year old Mary Jane Cornwell (Mrs. Ferol D. Ochsner) (1913-2016) who owned Ochsner Dairy and Livestock Sale Barn. A main street in Yukon is named after her family. Daughter Glenda Ochsner had PHD from OU in speech-language pathology and taught for 25 years at OU Health Science Center and became Dean of Health, Social Sciences and Human Behavior at OKC Community College. She also had Master’s in Theatre and Museum Management. Obituaries of both are included. Hand quilting @ 6st/in in X pattern. Mint Unused Condition 71” x 88”
Antique Quilt 6654
Red and Green Rose of Sharon Appliqued Quilt, hand needle turned from Lexington, OK estate. Great triple sashings with postage stamp 9 patch sets. Great graphic art for Christmas decorating-- dramatic and cheerful for year-round. Hand outline quilted @ 6-7 st/in. Excellent condition 80” x 80”
Antique Quilt 6704
stained glass window art quilt. Signed and dated 1985 Ruth from jack and Jacque cooks Okc estate. Ruth Piland Bennett (Jacques mom made it in hometown wagoner ok. jacques obit included. Beautiful contemporary art for wall or bed in polished cotton. Outline and floral hand quilting @ 7-9 st/in mint unused condition. 87”-104”
Antique Quilt 6708
New thread painted Red Tulips by blue ribbon winning quilt artist and teacher and pattern publisher Charlotte Hickman of Oklahoma City. original design hand and machine stitched, beaded, felted, appliqués and quilted exhibited and awarded with blue ribbons at Houston intl quilt show etc. Beautiful wall art to brighten any decor. 42”-43”
Antique Quilt 6763
New Hawaiian Queen Kapi’olani’s Fan hand appliqued quilt. WOW! Bold Graphic Modern Art from an early 1900s pattern. Would cost $10,000 in Hawaii. from Karen Kirkpatrick’s OKC estate (1938-2017) Obit and photo included. Karen was born in OKC, NW Classen and OSU graduate, taught art in Putnam City Schools 44 years and was Chairman of Youth Talent in OK. Won Best of Shows for art and Teacher of the Year and OK Art Educator of the Year. Hand quilted in the echo tradition @ 4-5 st/in. Mint condition 78” x 90”
$1000 donation
Antique Quilt 6764
Blue and white Drunkard’s Path, possibly 1930s top quilted later from John Elders’ Nichols Hills estate where he lived for 53 years on Hillcrest by the OKC Golf and Country Club. John Elder, 88, of Nichols Hills was a long-time golfer who once had the distinction of playing the most rounds at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club. The oilman also enjoyed playing in tournaments at Broadmoor and in Arizona and California." His wife was Patty Jo (Jeter) Elder, Bold Modern Graphic Art in 2 color with large 8 1/2” Border. This was the symbol of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union started in 1874 with 350,000 members and also the symbol of Women’s Liberation in the 1960s. Outline and straight line hand quilting @ 7-8 st/in. Several tiny pinholes. Otherwise excellent condition. Freshly washed since photo taken. 80” x 91”
Antique Quilt 6765
Chambray blue, navy and white Shooting Star or Square and Compass variation from John Elders’ Nichols Hills estate where he lived for 53 years on Hillcrest by the OKC Golf and Country Club. John Elder, 88, of Nichols Hills was a long-time golfer who once had the distinction of playing the most rounds at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club. The oilman also enjoyed playing in tournaments at Broadmoor and in Arizona and California." Patty Jo (Jeter) Elder.Fabulous optical illusion and abstract modern art. Hand outline and diagonal quilting @ 8-9 st/in Excellent condition. Freshly washed 90” x 90”
Antique Quilt 6815
1970s Poly Knit Grandmother’s Flower Garden from Gwen Barrington’s Edgewater OKC estate. Rare yellow garden path. Hand pieced and hand quilted around @ 6 st/in. Cheery and Bright. Qn/KG Mint Condition 86” x 95”
Antique Quilt 6821
Rose Applique from Eva and Klause Rugenstein’s OKC estate near Wilshire and MacArthur. Great borders frame each rose like a work of art. Heavy hand embroidery embellishment. Breath of Springtime and beauty. Diagonal cross hatch and cable hand quilting @ 8 st/in. Mint Unused Condition 79” x 80”
Antique Quilt 6840
New Cross stitched Dogwood Quilt. Reversible two quilts for price of one with pinik back. Beautiful triple inner borders from master quilter Marilyn Stewart’s OKC Warwick estate. Quadruple scroll quilting @ 8 st/in. King sized Mint unused condition 90” X 109”
Antique Quilt 6871
1970s Log Cabin Barn Raising. Fun, Funky, Hippy. Fabulous Graphic Art. Bold contemporary splashes of happy colors with cute bicyclers and cheater cloth calicos. Summer spread with no batting. In the ditch hand quilting @ 8-9 st/in Excellent condition 78” x 90”
Antique Quilt 6976
New Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt signed on back in ink “Made by Violet Ferguson for her son Weldon” from his Riverbend OKC estate on the lake. Great green garden path and border. Lover the scalloped borders. Hand outline quilted @ 5 st/in. Great buy I’m passing along. Mint Condition. King/Queen or full to floor probably 94” x 105”
$295 instead of $600
Antique Quilt 6980
Museum Quality Coxcomb Appliqued Quilt from Judy and Jack Hodges Nichols Hills estate. Photo and Obituary included of this billionaire trucking businessman/philantropist. Jack, 85, died unexpectedly after working that last week with his three grandsons at the trucking company they founded six years ago. He was born on July 19, 1932 and at age 10 Jack had his first job selling peanuts at the Oklahoma City Zoo. By the time he was 14 he was working at Eckroat Feed & Seed raising chickens. Hodges Trucking Company was founded in 1932 and was sold to Jack in 1964. This museum quality exquisite quilt has quite a famous provenance of this illustrious OK leader. Straight line and outline and rose quilting hand quilting @ 9-10 st/in. Mint Unused condition King sized 99” x 106”
Antique Quilt 6988
Dresden Plate Quilt from Nancy Dahdoll’s Moore, OK estate. Her husband was an MD in TX and she passed away in 2010. Great triple sashings and borders with postage stamp Nine Patch sets. Love the floral calico back and soft sweet pastels that would be beautiful in any décor. Fan and in the ditch hand quilting @ 8-9 st/in. Excellent Condition Full/Queen and King turned length for width. 86” x 105”
Antique Quilt 6989
Trip Around the World Quilt by 103 year old (1905-2008) Sudie (Mrs. Samuel) Terrell from her son James OKC estate (1937-2017) James obit and photo included) Sudie and her husband farmed in Abernathy TX and operated a Texaco filling station and grocery store. Great graphic art. Love the scalloped borders and happy colors. 1 3/4” piecing over all hand quilted around @ 5-7 st/in. Full/Queen and King turned length for width. Excellent condition 88” x 104”
Antique Quilt 7000
new Dogwoods Art Quilt signed and dated Charlotte Hickman 2017 from her original pattern and design CH008 free motion embroidered and quilted. Juried and chosen to be exhibited in the Houston Intl Quilt Show and won blue ribbon at Edmond Quilt Guild Show mint condition 23 1/2”-19 1/2”
Antique Quilt 7001
New Log Cabin Windows to my soul in beautiful batiks with green dot back. Whimsical and cheery contemporary art from artist Suzanne and Stanley Cunningham a successful oil and gas attorneys estate on Country Club Dr in OKC. Machine quilted in mint unused condition. 83”-89”
Antique Quilt 7005
New log cabin barn raising in blues from the Warwick OKC estate of Alice Kay Ford Trimble. Obit and photo included. Blue back and binding with great triple birders that frame this contemporary graphic art. Great buy I’m passing along. Outline, scroll and flying geese hand quilting @9 st/in. Excellent condition. 90”-92”.
Antique Quilt 7006
Double wedding ring quilt from Warwick OKC estate of Alice Kay Ford Tribble. Obit and photo included. Love the scalloped borders and whimsical polka dots. great buy. Outline and floral hand quilting @6 st/in. Mint condition. 66”-80”.
Antique Quilt 7015
Postcards from the past designed by Australian artist Robyn Pandolp Cabin Fever. Sweet nostalgic Block of the month for January through December. Hand needle turned appliqués and 1” cross hatch hand quilting @8 st/in. Excellent condition 55”-71”.
Antique Quilt 7016
Aqua new Delectable Mountain quilt by Eva Bumpus. Wife of John Bumpus MD in Bethany OK born in 1929 and graduate of OU Med School. Fabulous contemporary graphic art. Clamshell and in the ditch hand quilting &7-8 st/in. Mint unused condition.
Antique Quilt 7017
New pink and burgundy expanded four patch square within a square. Dynamite graphic contemporary art with hibiscus print by Dr John Bumpus’s wife Eva. John was born in 1929 and graduated from OU Medical School. scroll and outline hand quilting @6 st/in. mint unused condition. 72”-89”.
Antique Quilt 7031
Yellow and white Log Cabin court house steps by Mary Thompson in her Heritage Hills c1900 home in OKC She owned Hungry Frog restaurant. obit and photo included. Awesome graphic art. Hand outline quilting @6st/in. Freshly washed in excellent condition. 63”-88”
Antique Quilt 7033
Yellow and chocolate brown Orange Peel quilt from Sybil George’s Edmond OK estate. Great contemporary graphic art. Love the whimsical play of reversing colors and optical illusion. Outline hand quilting @6st/in. Excellent unused condition all cotton. Tiny staining. 68”-81”
Antique Quilt 7035
New Rolling Star (same history. Copy from 7936). Museum quality cable daisy and straight line hand quilting @10-11st/in. Beautiful art and optical illusion like a kaleidoscope. Love the burgundy back. Mint unused 103”-125” huge.
Sacrificing at $995
Antique Quilt 7036
new Tulip Fields Quilt from Janet and Floyd Farhas Quail Creek OKC estate. Obituary and photo if Floyd born 1933 in Shattuck OK of Floyd and Naomi from Lebanon. Floyd grew up in Wichita, Air Force vet with PhD in chemistry from KU. 21 years at Phillips Petroleum in Bartlesville and started Chemical Products in OKC with 85 patents. Quirky Modern Contemporary Art Quilt. Hand outline quilted @6st/in. Mint new unused condition king queen full 90”-104”
Antique Quilt 7037
Grandmothers Flower Garden by Mary Ellen Goodwin Glass, mother of Mary Laverne Loman PHD math professor at UCO in Edmond OK along with her husband Coy E Loman. Bio included. Bright cheery and happy. Beautiful workmanship. Each 7/8”hexagon is hand pieced and hand quilted around @ 9 st/in. Wonderful quirky play of stripes polka dots ginghams Cheater calico strawberries and roosters. Mint new Unused condition. King queen 90”-107”.
Antique Quilt 7038
Tree of Life appliquéd kit quilt signed and dated on label on back made byFay S Owens in 1960 from her daughter Julie Beavers Bush Hills OKC estate. Beautiful hand needle turned appliquéd flowers with nice embroidered embellishments. Love the scalloped borders and soft pastel colors. 100%cotton. Diagonal and clamshell hand quilting @6st/in. Excellent condition. 76”-85”.
Antique Quilt 7040
Circle of Leaves original design signed and dated by SAQABlue Ribbon Houston Intl Quilt Show winner artist designer teacher Charlotte Hickman of OKC. Hand dyed batik fabric with Napa Valley wine calico and Broderie Perce appliquéd autumn leaves on the borders. Gold metallic and variegated thread. Pieced back and sleeve ready to hang as centerpiece of your home. Mint new condition. 84”-84”
Antique Quilt 7043
Cross stitch Flower Garden Sampler quilt from Mary LaVerne and Coy Lomans Edmond OK estate. They were both math professors at UCO. Possibly made by her mom Mary Ellen Goodwin Glass in Shattock OK. Beautiful simplicity. Hand quilted @7-8 st/in. Mint unused. King 85"-100" bargain
Antique Quilt 7047
New Double Wedding Ring Quilt from Tontitown Arkansas. Adorable in red and blank Mary Englebright Life is Like a Bowl if Cherries of Cherries calico. Strikingly bold contemporary graphic art with lots of whimsy. Outline and daisy hand quilting @ 6-7st/in. Mint condition. Bargain I'm passing along 72-91
Antique Quilt 7049
New Nine Patch Quilt from William and Charlotte Brooks NWOKC estate by Charlotte. Way cool contemporary Graphic Art and Optical Illusion play with color. Love this quilt. 2 1/2 pieces are hand pieced. Museum quality. Hand cross hatch quilting @8-9 st/in. Mint new unused condition. 71-85
Antique Quilt 7051
Antique Car Cross stitch quilt by Charlotte Mrs William Brooks and her mom Caryl Taylor in The Village OK. Caryl graduated from Central High in 1922 and from OCU in 1926. Family 1890s photos and photo of their grandparents farm in Iowa. Museum quality hand cross hatch quilting @9st/in. Mint unused condition. Car theme is highly collectible and rare. 80-86
Antique Quilt 7053
Post 1960s Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt with fussy cut flowers and green garden path. Love the scalloped top and bottom borders. From Yukon OK estate of Mrs Ratramel an artist who possibly made it. Hand pieced 1 1/4 inch sided hexagons hand quilted around @ 6 st/in. Excellent condition 80-91
Antique Quilt 7054
Signed and dated Trip Around the World Quilt by 91 year old Genie May Shulicks Edmond estate. Great graphic art in sweet pastels. Hand quilted around each 1 7/8 square@ 8 st/in. Washed since photo taken. King. Excellent condition. Great buy 89-98
Antique Quilt 7055
Axe Handle or Tumbler Quilt signed and dated by G May 89-90 in embroidery by 91 years old Genie May Shulick in Edmond OK. Hand pieced with great wide blue borders and back. Double heart and outline hand quilting @8st/in. Washed since photo taken. Excellent condition 80-87
Antique Quilt 7056
Flying Geese or string Square signed and dated For Pete. GS 12-3-94. Made by Genie May Shulick in Edmond OK. Fabulous contemporary graphic art with great double and triple borders. Double heart and rainbow sun and outline hand quilting @7-10 st/in. Mint condition.

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