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Post-Depression Antique Quilts


Shipping $15 per Quilt

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Antique Quilt 5156 Appliqued Eagle Antique Quilt 5 156 - Appliqué Eagle
Yellow, Appliquéd Eagle, Flower and Sun quilt from Northwood, New Hampshire.  Great double saw tooth borders.  Cheerful, happy Grandma Moses Folk Art.  In the ditch , floral and tulip quilting at 6 stitches per inch. Washed. Excellent condition - 78" x 86"  $
Antique Quilt 5327 "Churn Dash" Antique Quilt 5327 - "Churn Dash"
Red and blue, hand-quilted "Churn Dash" quilt from Paris, Illinois. Bold Graphic with nice sashings. Great Buy for a boy's room. Outline stitching at 6-7 stitches per inch. Excellent condition - 72" x 88" $249ND
Antique Quilt 5373 - "Lone Star"
Pink "Lone Star" by 75 year old Mildren Foshee's Mother-in-law in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Dynamite Graphic Art. Nice outline and wreath quilting at 6 stitches per inch. MINT, unwashed condition
73" x 84"     $249ND
Story published in Centennial Stitches--Oklahoma History in Quilts full-color coffee-table book available for $39.95.

Antique Quilt 5881
1970’s Pop Art Penny Quilt with hand embroidery and lavender satin back. Wow Modern Art! Excellent 43” x 62”

5975_aqua_bride's_bouquet_small.jpg Antique Quilt 5975
1950-60’s Aqua Bride’s Bouquet by Norma Rothe, Oklahoma City. Some 1930’s calicos and novelty prints. Outline, cable and diamond hand quilting @ 8 st/in 84x88 Mint Condition (never used or washed) $399ND
6128_trip_around_world_small.jpg Antique Quilt 6128
Trip Around the World signed and dated “2004 Carol Ritthaler made for her daughter Rickie Ritthaler for Christmas. Reversible with same deep green back and border. Crosshatch hand quilting @ 8 st/in King/queen 100 X 112 $295
6143_grandmother's_flower_garden_small.jpg Antique Quilt 6143
1960’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden from Tulsa, OK estate. Love those scallops and inner green garden path and outer pink borders. 1 3/4” hexagons hand pieced and hand quilted around. Bargain I’m passing along. King/Queen. Washed since photos and looks fabulous. 105x106” Tiny snag on back repaired. $447ND
6150_miscellaneous_quilts_small.jpg Antique Quilt 6150
Right to left: New Irish Chain with appliqued cherries quilt from Branson, MO. Fabulous wall hanging or throw. Hand quilted @ 6-7 st/in 54x54” Mint $97 SOLD

New School House wall art. Hand quilting @ 7 st/in from Branson, MO 23x23” Mint $20

                                     1930’s pink and white Hearts and Gizzards or Robbing Peter to Pay Paul Quilt Top hand pieced with great saw tooth pieced border. Mint condition 72x87” $97

Antique Quilt 6191
New Rose of Sharon hand needle turned applique from Judy and Bill Walling’s Edmond estate in Olde Towne. Bill’s mom Sula Ray in Temple, TX or Judy’s mom June Allen in Iowa (now in Edmond,OK) probably made. History and photos included. Judy was a famous Realtor with Coldwell Banker and Director of OK Ass of Realtors. Stunning graphic art with feather wreath machine quilting. 72x79” Just washed Mint condition $249                    


6055_flower_basket_small.jpg Antique Quilt 6055
New Flower or Fruit Basket from Siloam Springs, OK. Hand pieced and hand straight line quilting @ 5 st/in. Great graphic art and great buy I'm passing along. 64x72 Mint Unused $279ND

Antique Quilt 6305

Chains dated 1999 and signed and pieced by blue ribbon nationally acclaimed Quilt Artist, teacher, designer Charlotte Hickman. Machine quilted by Marilyn Karper, OKC Mint condition 58” x 72” $297 (SOLD)

Southwest aqua and rose Seminole Patchwork & Kokopelli Quilt Top pieced by blue ribbon nationally acclaimed Quilt Artist, teacher, designer Charlotte Hickman Mint condition 44” x 56” $85


Antique Quilt 6307

Right: Leaves designed, pieced and quilted by blue ribbon nationally acclaimed Quilt Artist, teacher, designer Charlotte Hickman. Black swirled back. Mint condition 60” x 47” $180

Left: Amoebas. Wax, flour, dye, paint, yarn contemporary Whimsical Quilt sure to bring laughter by blue ribbon nationally acclaimed Quilt Artist, teacher, designer Charlotte Hickman. Blue underwater back. Mint condition 34 1/2” x 42” $197


Antique Quilt 6317

Yellow bordered Yo Yo quilt by grandmother “BB” of Jan Hinds in Choctaw, OK. Cheery and fun to bring a breath of sunshine to any room. Few yoyos need to be reattached, otherwise excellent condition $295


Antique Quilt 6336

“Jewels of the Garden” 2007 signed and dated by Sharon L. Schlotzhauer, Colorado Springs, CO. Stunning work of original art to enhance any décor with a breath of springtime instilling hope of being transformed from ugly caterpiller to beautiful butterfly. Sharon is a nationally acclaimed blue ribbon quilt artist and teacher. Butterfly is 3 dimensional with loose wings and trapunto body. Colored ink painting embellishment adds detail and depth. Machine quilted. Mint Condition 31 1/2 x 35 1/2” $600


Antique Quilt 6352

Pink Dresden Plate from Parker estate on Woody Creek Drive in NW OKC. Bright, cheery, Fun Quilt? Modern Pop Art and a little quirky in poly/cotton fabrics and poly batting. Museum quality outline hand quilting @ 8-9 st/in. Mint new condition unused 74” x 90” $295


Antique Quilt 6360

Dresden Plate from Margaret and Lt Col Leslie Crozier Wood’s OKC estate. They were married for 62 years and he was born in 1911,received Bronze Star for arranging surrender of elite 3rd SS Korps in WWII. He sketched the Nazi war crime trials in Nuremberg & did caracatures of Churchhill, Bob Hope, Nixon, King of Spain. Two page obit with picture included of this famous man. Antique squares newly made into top and quilted with great quadruple outer borders and peach inner sashings. Soft sweet pastels that go with ever changing décor. Museum quality undulating feather borders, feather heart and feather wreath centers hand quilted @ 10 st/in. Tiny white on white calico back. 74” x 88” Mint unused $495


Antique Quilt 6380

Missouri Daisy polyester knit quilt from the 1960s made by Mae Roberson of Buffalo Springs, TX, great aunt of Marie and Roger Harris, OKC for their wedding 47 years ago. Hand pieced and hand outline quilting @ 6 st/in. Pale yellow poly/cotton back. Love those scallops. Whimsical and quirky in riotous colors like a roll of fruit lifesaver candies. Excellent condition 64” x 75” $297


Antique Quilt 6414

Trip Around the World from Marge and Glenn Van Wyngarden’s OKC estate. Marge born in Chicago in 1925. Married Glen in 1945 before he headed off to serve in WWII in China, Burma & India. Glenn worked for Illinois Bell 5 years & SW Bell 32 years. Both obits and photo included. Hand outline quilting @ 4 st/in Bold Wow Graphic Art! Tiny discoloration, otherwise excellent 78” x 91” $297


Antique Quilt 6464

1970s Embroidered Bird Quilt. Solid blue back and binding by Virginia Darnelle Hollacker’s adopted mother Katherine Reinecker Henderson and her sisters Agatha and Christine, KC, MO from Joy Catherine Hollacker Beer’s OKC estate. Joy is an RN. Obit and photo included. Hand quilted @ 6-7 st st/in diagonal and cross hatch and crazy 8 pattern. Mint Unused 78”x 84” $279

Antique Quilt 6481
Rose of Sharon Appliqued in pretty pink and green from Ola Marie Hogue’s Edmond estate in Old Town, age 83. Obit and photo included. Beautiful with great hand embroidered embellishment and scalloped inner and outer borders. Hand straight line, hearts and roses quilting @ 4-6 st/in. King/Queen Mint Condition 93” x 124”
Antique Quilt 6486
1970s Dresden Plate from David Glover’s collection in OKC. Hippie Flower Child Quilt. Strong red and yellow calicoes shows the emotional intensity of the time—burning bras for equal rights in the Feminist Movement and marching to end Vietnam War. Great borders and sashings frame like a work of art!. Hand outline quilted @ 7 st/in. Muslin back. I was first to wash this mint unused quilt 76” x 93”
Antique Quilt 6540
Rainbow. Embroidered in center block: “made for Angela Marie, State Mother Advisor 1994-95 of Grand Assembly of OK International Rainbow” with a butterfly appliqued over it. Beautiful with Flying Geese border and pale blue back. Cross hatch hand quilting @ 6 st/in. Freshly Washed. Mint Unused condition. 88” x 97”
Antique Quilt 6544
“Pansy” Appliqued quilt by Emmajean Leonard Templeton (1909-2004) Enid, OK. She lived with her prominent banker husband in KY and FL. When he was deep-sea fishing, she was appliquing tops for the mountain women in KY to quilt. Her story is in Heavenly Patchwork. Emmajean’s father homesteaded Indian Territory and was also a prominent banker/pioneer leader in Enid. Mint unused condition 79” x 97”
Antique Quilt 6616
Lavender and white Cathedral Window by Mrs. Bill (Martha Goff) Rupert of Midwest City, OK or her mother in law, Mrs. Lester C Rupert (Edna V. Westwood) in Kittening, PA. Bill was a WWII Hero in Army Air Corp and flew 69 missions against Japanese in New Guinea. Martha was a nurse and died in 1996. Photo and obituary included. Beautiful in two color. Incredibly time consuming pattern. Mint Unused condition. I was first to wash 72” x 82”
Matching Pillow Cover:$69
Antique Quilt 6627
New orange gingham Monkey Wrench. Cute gingham matching back. Dramatic modern contemporary art—whimsical with solid monkey wrenches jumping out from behind gingham monkey wrenches. From Yukon OK estate of 102 year old Mary Jane Cornwell (Mrs. Ferol D. Ochsner) (1913-2016) who owned Ochsner Dairy and Livestock Sale Barn. A main street in Yukon is named after her family. Daughter Glenda Ochsner had PHD from OU in speech-language pathology and taught for 25 years at OU Health Science Center and became Dean of Health, Social Sciences and Human Behavior at OKC Community College. She also had Master’s in Theatre and Museum Management. Obituaries of both are included. Hand quilting @ 6st/in in X pattern. Mint Unused Condition 71” x 88”
Antique Quilt 6639
Contemporary String Square Modern Art in bold in solids. Striking Graphic Art. Love the striped pieced borders from Checotah, OK, Home of Country and Western Music Legend Carrie Underwood. Hand outline quilting @ 8 st/in Mint Condition 72” x 81”
Antique Quilt 6649
Quirky Lone Star Variation contemporary designed by famous architect, Robert Martin Lawrence, from his home in Quail Creek, OKC which he designed in the Frank Lloyd Wright style. Lawrence 80, died in 2011, graduated from Classen as National Merit Scholarship winner in OKC and OSU in architecture and engineering as most outstanding grad. Robert was president of the American Institute of Architects and deacon of Quail Creek Baptist Church. Photo and obituary included. WOW GRAPHIC ART! and original design. Robert’s wife Joanne Holcombe Lawrence probably made it from his design. Hand pieced and hand quilted in overlapping circles @5-6 st/in. Excellent condition. Freshly washed 70” x 83”
Antique Quilt 6654
Red and Green Rose of Sharon Appliqued Quilt, hand needle turned from Lexington, OK estate. Great triple sashings with postage stamp 9 patch sets. Great graphic art for Christmas decorating-- dramatic and cheerful for year-round. Hand outline quilted @ 6-7 st/in. Excellent condition 80” x 80”
Antique Quilt 6729
Pine Tree Everlasting Quilt by Cecille Phillips Short (1934-2017) born a few minutes before twin sister Suzanne in Okmulgee to L.D. Phillips and Mary Ellen Braggasse. Graduated from Bartlesville Hi & OU & OSU as Phi Beta Phi at OU. Married Arnold Short a Phillips 66 Basketball player. She was tragically killed by a pit bull while walking her precious dog, a Papillion named Taylor. Obit and photos. Pale blue back. Great buy! Outline and floral quilting by hand @ 7 st/in. Excellent condition 67 x 76”
Antique Quilt 6749
Bowtie Quilts in much sought after chambre blue and white that goes great with grey interior decors or boy’s room. Simple bold graphic and contemporary. Outline and feather hand quilting @ 7-8 st/in. Freshly washed. One pin hole, otherwise excellent 72” x 86”
Antique Quilt 6758
Rose of Sharon variation from Joplin, MO estate. Beautiful with turned applique with machine embroidery embellishment. Hand scroll and floral quilting @ 7-8 st/in. Pencil quilting lines still visible. Great buy I’m passing along. Freshly washed since photo taken. Mint Condition 76” x 86”

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